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Cribbage Scoring Calculator help you calculate your cribbage hand, crib, and pegging score.

Cribbage Strategies is a collection of tips and tricks to help you win at cribbage.


Cards JD is the home to classic card games.

Cribbage JD is a card game community to play Cribbage online with your friends or Cribbage club members. In person and online live streaming tournament help keep our community strong.

Hearts JD is the classic card game the family loves to play. Play Hearts online with your friends shoot the moon.

Speed Spit JD is the quickest card game ever. Speed is a one on one battle of speed and wits. Play online with your family, friends or challenge a player in the community.

Gin Rummy JD the card game bring us together as a favorite pass time. Connect with your friend and family and play online with this classic card game.

Card Games: Spades, Nerts, Hearts, Solitaire, Speed, Cribbage, Gin Rummy, and Minesweeper.