Nerts Solitaire: Pounce

4 player solitaire

Introducing 4-Player Solitaire, Nertz! This high-speed, real-time, multiplayer card game puts a ninja twist on the classic Solitaire. Nertz, also known as Pounce, melds elements from Speed and Solitaire into an exhilarating gaming experience.

The objective is simple: outpace your opponents and empty your Nertz cards before they do. While reminiscent of Solitaire, Nertz demands lightning-fast reflexes as all players share Foundation piles and race against the clock.

Game Overview:

Nertz accommodates any number of players, but this version is tailored for four. Each participant utilizes their own deck of cards in a competitive solitaire-style setup, requiring quick thinking and dexterity. The primary aim of each round is to be the first to shout "Nertz" upon clearing their thirteen-card Nertz pile. A typical game runs until a player reaches a score of 100.

Once you've experienced the adrenaline rush of Nertz, traditional multiplayer card games like blackjack, poker, or solitaire might seem sluggish in comparison. Nertz goes by various monikers including Hell, Nerts, Pounce, Peanuts, Racing Demon, and Squinch.

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